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 lisa sue zaharah

Teens’ Abusive Relationships

All over the world, couples are abusing each other physically and emotionally.  It’s a depressing reality.  In the past, adults were mostly the ones involved  in abusive relationships, but in this generation things are changing.  As more tweens/teens are dating earlier, they are also falling into abusive relationships.  Many of these kids don’t even realize they are putting themselves in such danger. Abuse can be done by a male or a female.  It could be physical or emotional.  Most teens identify physical beatings as abuse, but not enough teens understand that someone can be a victim of emotional abuse, which is just as hurtful as physical abuse.  Emotional abuse... Read On

Abuse: Women in Crisis

As we will be observing Domestic Violence Awarness Month in October, I would like to highlight this issue.  Abuse against women is nothing new and is not uncommon both within and outside of the United States.  Abuse is defined as the unwarranted use of verbal, physical, and emotional force to assert control over another.  Take a look at these staggering statistics: According to the National Violence Against Women Survey of 2000,  25% of women reported violence against them by an intimate partner. According to the CDC’s Adverse Health Conditions and Health Risk Behaviors Associated with Intimate Partner Violence-U.S 2005 report,  each year 2 million women are injured by their... Read On

Ready, Set, Back-to-School

Well, I can’t believe it’s almost that time of year again.  The summer has been so hectic.  Besides my own family activities, there were endless parties, BBQ’s, and weddings to attend.  I am starting to think: When do I get a free weekend to relax this summer?  And now it’s already time to get ready for children to go back to school.  Although my children won’t start going to school until next year, I always help my nieces and nephews get prepared for the next school year, so I’m already a pro. Here are some practical tips to get your school year off to a great start: Health Make... Read On

Back-to-School Checklist

Getting ready for kids to go back to school is about more than just making the mad dash to an office supply store or clothes retailer for those back-to-school essentials; it’s also about regaining your sanity.  Sure, you enjoyed a relaxing summer with no real obligations, but by the end of the summer you are drained from coming up with new and creative activities to keep your children entertained, especially if they do not go to camp.  But before they’re off and running, you should address some summertime habits and reestablish a school year schedule.  Here are few things to check off on your back-to-school checklist: Reestablish bedtime routines: ... Read On

School is On its Way!

August is here!  It’s time to get busy and start preparing for the new school year.  It’s exciting to start school again.  You get to see your friends and make new ones.  Soon I’ll start learning new material, creating interesting projects, and perhaps working on really fun science experiments.  But not so fast!  First, there are so many preparations to make. I’m sure you have gone back-to-school shopping with your parents.  Most children love buying their school supplies, but most parents find it dreadful.  They sometimes have to spend a small fortune on the supplies required.  You’ll need new pencils, pens, glue, markers, highlighters, crayons, notebooks, folders, binder, and... Read On

Just Say No

When you become a tween/teen, you are exposed to many negative influences and may be forced to make life-changing decisions.  It’s a time when you go to middle school or high school and have to confront all types of  peer pressures, including drugs, alcohol, and smoking.  It is easy to give into temptation and go with the flow to protect your “cool” status.  But the end result could be addiction or even death. Many children think that it’s okay to try drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes.  They don’t see the potential harm.  Some even think that if you smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs, you are really cool.  But it... Read On

The Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol

Though drug and alcohol addictions are not new phenomena, they seem to be even more prevalent nowadays. Unfortunately, in some cases they are even glorified in the media.  Most of us have seen the supposedly funny mug shots of celebs after they are caught driving under the influence or taking part in a drunken brawl. While these images may seem harmless, they are actually desensitizing us and negatively affecting our youth.  A lot of young people and adults idolize celebrities who seem to have it all – money, fame, beauty— but are living lives that are in shambles due to alcohol or drug addiction. Education is the most effective... Read On

Let’s Talk Driving Under the Influence

Take a good look at the picture above.  Does it shock you?  Well this is what could happen to you if you start using drugs and alcohol.  With the death of British singing sensation Amy Winehouse and what would have been my brother Larry’s 46th birthday looming, I have been giving a lot of thought to the dangers of using drugs and alcohol.  Sadly, it has become so commonplace in our society that we have become apathetic about the dangers of substance abuse.  Often when we hear that a celebrity or someone we know is going into rehab, we react as if they were going to the mall or... Read On

Puberty: A Parent’s Perspective

Puberty can be a child’s worst nightmare.  But it doesn’t have to be such a traumatic experience for you or your adolescent child if you both know what to expect.  Keeping up with your child’s physical changes is sometimes difficult.  So it’s best to have that special talk with your child ahead of time.  Of course, your conversation should be age appropriate. I didn’t want my daughter to freak out when it came time for her menstrual cycle.  My mother avoided having any conversation about puberty with my sister and me.  Perhaps the topic made her uncomfortable.  But I’ll never forget when my sister’s cycle began.  She came to... Read On

Time to Grow Up

At some point in life, usually in the early teen years, every child begins an important process: puberty.  Puberty is a process in which a child’s body goes through physical changes and develops into an adult body that is capable of reproduction.  When puberty hits and their bodies start to change drastically, most children get scared and nervous.  But it’s really nothing to be frightened about.  It’s part of growing up, and everyone must go through the process. Has your tween or teen child suddenly become anxious, moody, or less confident?  Many adolescent children are not informed ahead of time about how their bodies will change.  These children often... Read On

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