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 lisa sue zaharah

Dear Lisa

Question:  My two year old son just started a terrible new habit of spitting on people.  Anytime he can’t get his way, he tries to spit on you.  I’m embarrassed to take him out.  Do you have any advice?

- Spit On

Answer:  Dear S.O.,

All toddlers test the boundaries, so don’t be embarrassed.   It is important for us, as parents, to set limits, even for toddlers.  Though they may not fully comprehend why they are being punished, they will soon make the connection that actions can have consequences.  So just as we applaud our toddlers for good behavior, we must also discipline them for the bad things they may do as well.  I suggest taking away his favorite toy when he spits.  Put it on top of  the fridge or any high place that he can’t reach.  When he pleads for the toy, say, “No, I took it away because you did a naughty thing when you spit at Mommy.”  He’ll cry, but then he’ll start to understand.  This phase won’t last forever, but be prepared to stand your ground.   It will all work out in the end, and your little guy will understand that you disciplined him out of love.  All the best!

- The Substantive Mom


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