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We are a social network/blog (soblog) that focuses on women's/family issues, covering three different perspectives: the stay-at-home mom, the medical professional, and the tween/teen. Our lead columnists are Dr. Sue-Ellen Franklyn, an internist, Zaharah Zaidi, a tween author, and Lisa Franklyn-Zaidi, a former financial analyst. We look forward to your joining our forum and being a part of our diverse 3GB community, where there is always more spice than sugar.
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A Lesson From Penn State

The recent sex abuse scandal that has rocked Penn...


Shopping from mall to mall on Saturday was a...

Poem: Autumn, A Natural Beauty

I rarely post my poems because most of them...

Dear Lisa

Question:  My two year old son just started a terrible new habit of spitting on people.  Anytime he can’t get his way, he tries to spit on you.  I’m embarrassed to take him out.  Do you have any advice? - Spit On Answer:  Dear S.O., All toddlers test the boundaries, so don’t be embarrassed.   It is important for us, as parents, to set limits, even for toddlers.  Though they may not fully comprehend...

Must Haves

Holiday Must-Haves: Blast Pad Advance Missile Launch System

Blast Pad Advance

Marky Sparky strikes again with the Blast Pad Advance.  This advanced missile launch system is guaranteed to keep your children and their friends entertained.  The ultra lite but durable smart missiles can shoot up to unbelievable heights.   The Blast Pad’s flex launch tube...

Holiday Must-Haves: Spy Video Trakr

Spy Video Trakr

  If you’re in the market for the ultimate in kids’ spy gear, then look no further.  The Spy Video Trakr by Spy Gear will take your missions to the next level with a high tech video RC.  With this device, your little spies...

Holiday Must Haves: Faux Bow

Faux Bow

The Faux Bow by Marky Sparky has the coolest design feature of any foam-shooting toy on the market.  Created by the inventor of the original Nerf Bow, the Faux Bow can shoot over 100 feet.  The finger grip and the slip roller allow lightning...

What's The 411

Z Gossip

Is Justin Beiber A Baby Daddy?

Justin Beiber 2

Okay, I’m not totally buying this story about the Beiber and his groupie, but it does make for some good celebrity gossip.  Recently, pop star Justin Beiber was accused by a 20 year old fan, Mariah Yeater, of fathering a child.  When I first heard the rumor, I chuckled.  Imagine the boy next door being accused of getting a fan pregnant backstage in “a 30 second fling!”  It...

Tip Of the Week

Trick-or-Treat Halloween Safety Tips

Trick-or-Treat Halloween Safety Tips

As you and your family prepare to celebrate Halloween, please consider the following trick-or-treat Halloween safety tips to go over with your children: 1.  Never go trick-or-treating unaccompanied:  Children should go with their parents.  Teens who trick-or-treat without their parents should use the buddy system, carry fully-charged cell phones,...

Holiday Must-Haves: Locker Lookz’s Chandelier & Rugs

Locker Lookz- Chandelier

Whether your style is shabby chic or Hollywood glam, Locker Lookz will transform your locker from plain to beautiful.  In its 2011 collection, Locker Lookz has a wide selection of beautiful soft plush shag rugs and chandeliers/lamps to choose from.  Each is guaranteed to...

Holiday Must-Haves: Gear-Up Damask Locker Mirror/Zipper Pouch and Dark Pink Locker Shelf

Gear-up Damask Locker Mirror and Locker Shelf2

PBteen is known for its cool furniture and bedroom decor, but now they are revolutionizing kids’ lockers.  In its new Gear-up collection, PBteen features an amazing Damask Locker Mirror/Zipper Pouch and Dark Pink Locker Shelf.  The Damask Locker Mirror is stylish and hip and...

Hollister Skinny

Hollister Skinny

If you like comfortable jeans, then look no further than the Hollister Skinny.   These dark blue soft denims with a contoured waistband hug your body.   What’s even more special is that they retain their shape wash after wash.  The Hollister Skinny is...